March 16, 2017 Comments Off on Reflecting

As I was refilling my wellness roller I began to think about my paternal grandparents.  I’ll get back to my wellness roller later.  This week happens to be the week my grandpa passed away nine years ago.  It’s hard to believe that nine years have passed and he hasn’t been here to enjoy these moments with us.  His death was unexpected which is never easy.  To make things even worse, he was the primary caretaker for my grandma.  Unfortunately, she ended up having to be hospitalized, then was moved into a alzheimer’s unit where she passed a couple years later.

I always knew what alzheimer’s was but had no clue of the effects this disease has on the entire family.  It is so hard to watch someone you love suffer this way.  Their body is present however, their mind is somewhere else.  Being kind and understanding is key when interacting with someone who suffers from alzheimer’s. The one thing that still stays with me is avoid saying “don’t you remember?”.  Sadly, they don’t.  They would love to however, their mind just won’t let them remember everything at that particular moment.

It’s hard to believe a week after we said goodbye to my grandpa my mom, aunt, and sister threw me a wedding shower.  My grandma should have been there.  Both of my grandparents should have been at our wedding.  How did everything go so wrong?  I remember having a conversation on the phone with my grandpa regarding our wedding before he passed away.  He was looking forward to getting on a plane and seeing Lake Tahoe.  This was HUGE, since my grandparents never traveled.  My grandpa was determined that he would be able to have my grandma fly with him.  I was more nervous about my grandma since she was suffering from dementia.  One of the hardest gifts to open was from my grandma.  I knew my grandpa had my mom pick up the gift from them.  He wanted to make sure she got what he wanted to shower me with.  He didn’t always show his caring side but, he did care.  It was hard opening a gift knowing I will never be able to thank either one of them for the generous gift.  More than anything, I wanted the opportunity to let them know I truly appreciated them.

They both may be gone however, they will never be forgotten.  Dates are sometimes a blessing.  They remind us of all the good and bad times.  I smile, laugh, and tear up thinking about those who are no longer here today.  As I reflect on my life with them I hope they are looking down at me from heaven seeing me write about them.

Back to refilling my wellness roller bottle.  I wish I knew about essential oils ten years ago.  Maybe just maybe I would have been able to educate my grandparents to support their health with essential oils instead of reacting to what was wrong at that moment.  Maybe I would have been able to help them remove unwanted chemicals from their home.  Maybe this would have changed their quality of life.  There are so many maybe’s.  Thinking about all the maybe’s drives me even further to spread my passion on living a clean and healthy lifestyle by omitting as many chemicals from our house as possible and to help others do the same.

Sometimes we believe something could never happen to me, when in reality anything is possible.  I would have never guessed I would struggle with infertility.  I do believe there is a reaction for everything we do.  I also believe we are being exposed to way to many chemicals on a daily basis.  Honestly, the numbers are alarming.  Most American’s are exposed to 150 potentially hundreds of chemicals before breakfast from things such as soap, shampoo, makeup, and hair care.  It’s honestly mind blowing!  After hearing this, doesn’t this make you want to look further into the products you are using?  I wonder if my grandparents were exposing themselves to hundreds of chemicals every single day.  I’ll never know.

Don’t let me fool you.  I am far from perfect.  I pick and choose my battles.  If I am away from home and happen to go for a hike and I don’t have my cleaner version of bug spray with me I will use a product that will protect me from the bugs.  Once I am finished I would make sure to shower right away.

Getting back to the wellness roller that I mentioned earlier.  I love supporting my digestive, nervous, respiratory, emotional, and immune system by applying this roller bottle over my wrists and over my lymph nodes in the throat daily.  I apply five drops of the following in a 10ml roller bottle: lemon, thieves, peppermint, copaiba, and tea tree.  I fill the remainder of the bottle with Young Living’s V-6 carrier oil.  I rather invest in my health and living a chemical free life than spending money on drugs to help me overcome an illness.  Living a happy and healthy life is a lot better than being sick and miserable, isn’t it?

I would give anything to be able to go back in time and introduce my grandparents to a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, since that’s not possible, I will continue sharing my passion with others.  Remember replacing a chemical with a safer alternative is a chemical you are no longer using which is HUGE.

Make sure to check out my Essential Oils 101 video if you would like to know more about removing chemicals from your home.