Recapping 2017

January 2, 2018 0 Comments

Wow, it seems like I just sat down and was setting my goals on what I wanted to accomplish in 2017.  Now I am evaluating how I did sticking with those goals.  Check out Bring on 2017 before you continue reading.

Honesty is the best policy right?  Gosh, it’s never easy when you read what you wanted to accomplish and then realize you didn’t get everything done.  Not because you aren’t capable but, it just didn’t happen.  I am guilty on not letting myself be successful.  It’s a flaw that I am working on.

Oily Life- I shared my passion on living a chemical free life more than I ever have.  I shared more this year than I have in the 3+ years I have been on this journey.  I created a essential oils 101 video, hosted classes, and went to events.  Huge steps in the right direction.  I wanted to embrace more DIY body products this year and you know what? I did.  I actually love it!  I have a cheesy smile on my face every time I use a product that I have made.

Fitness goals – I thought this one would be easy.  I committed to running a half marathon.  I had the training in but I never signed up for one.  I did run in a 3 mile run and medaled in my age group.  Does that count?  I get hung up on the possibility of not having a good race.  Or having the fear of people judging my times.  I said it.  I let fear take over.  I have been hurt in the past and holding back is my way of protecting myself.  I realize this sounds silly.  I really enjoy running and I never want this to go away.  I like getting outside and running.  I have run outside more this year than last year.  I logged more miles on the trail then I have in a long time.  I am proud of myself for putting the miles in.

I also wanted to continue working on my flexibility while incorporating Pure Barre.  I did really good on this portion until the studio closed.  I got into my splits on each side, which is huge.

Balance – I am happy to say my Erin Condren planner kept me on schedule for the most part.  I still need to work on planning out meals.  I have good intentions but….life.  I know when I find my balance it will change so many areas in my life.

Blogging – I am still finding my balance on this.  When I am feeling creative I want to blog all the time but then when the feeling is lost then nothing happens.  I know the content I share is important and I need to continue to trust myself with what I share.

Starbucks – I knew this one would be the hardest one for me.  I totally failed.  I started the year off really good.  I got a gift card and this is when the slip ups started happening.  I am totally guilty when it comes to seeing anything left on my card on my app.  I am also star hungry.  If you have the gold card and the app you know what I am talking about.  Once I am able to get my card to a zero balance then I am ok until the next gift card.  Well, I got a really nice gift card for my birthday and it started my addiction.

I am so glad 2017 is over.  It was a challenging year in so many areas of my life.  Some you see and some you don’t.  Some I had control over while others I was on the receiving end.  Even though some of these were hard to handle I continued to learn more about myself.  It seems I am always on this journey on learning more about me.

I wasn’t taking any chances of 2017 staying around so I burned sage throughout our home.  It was a cleansing that was needed emotionally.  I needed to be in control of removing the old and providing a clean slate for 2018. I’m keeping my fingers it does the trick 🙂

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!