My OolaPalooza Experience!

September 29, 2017 0 Comments

Have you ever registered to attend an event and really not know what you have signed yourself up for?  This was me the second weekend of September when I attended OolaPalooza – The Young Living Experience in Dallas.  I heard about Oola but didn’t really know about Oola.  I knew I couldn’t lose anything by attending so off I went.

The event started off with a clip from The Hangover.  You know the scene where they are standing on the roof top becoming the Wolf pack. Yup, that’s the one.  Once the clip ended Dr. Troy and Dr. Dave came on stage and shared where Oola came from.  Oola is being balanced in all 7 areas of your life.  The 7 F’s are fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends, and fun.  Like so many, Dr. Dave (OolaSeeker) went through a major bump in the road and needed to find his way back to living a oola life.  This is when Dr. Dave reached out to Dr. Troy (OolaGuru) for help.  I felt like I was there during their conversation based on how detailed they were with what happened during their conversation.  I just finished their book, Oola Find Balance in an Unbalanced World, and their story is shared in it.  Their book is truly a great book, you should read.

By time lunch came around I laughed, cried, and smiled and I wasn’t quite sure how the next day and a half was going to top the first quarter of the event.  The 2 day event went by so fast.  You get a workbook that you complete while you are there.  Yes, you actually fill it out while you learn so much about yourself.  They do a wonderful job tying movie clips in with amazing songs that will inspire you to be the best YOU you can be.

You might be wondering where Young Living comes into play since this was a Young Living event.  When their first book came out, Mary Young was given a copy and read it to Gary.  This book spoke to Gary and he wanted to help others connect with the 7 F’s through Young Living’s essential oils.  The first step was setting up a meeting and with Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy.  From there, 2 Oola inspired oils were created oola Balance and oola Grow.  Gary then created an oil for each of the 7 F’s.  If you know Gary, he is simply amazing when it comes to blending and creating oils for different purposes.  Knowing he designed an oil to help you reach your potential in each area is truly amazing.

During the event when we went over each F we were able to experience each oil as they passed it around.  This is the first and only self improvement book that is connected to an oil/experience.  How cool is that?!  Having the mind body connection is key to take action toward your dreams as you pursue a Oola life.  You can purchase the oils separately or you can purchase the  Infused 7   as a set which will save you some money.  I’m all about saving money when I can.

I took so much away from this event.  Sometimes in life we are trying to compete or keep up with the Joneses and we aren’t really sure why we are trying to do this.  We also make up excuses on why something won’t work because we are afraid of success and failure.  Everyone has a completely different story that is beautiful and we can’t expect for them to be a 100% like us.  Honestly, I wouldn’t want anyone else to be exactly like me.  I firmly believe we all have something valuable to give to this world which makes us all unique.

I know this will sound kinda crazy but I am happy to know that I am not broken.  Believe me, there was a time where I felt this way.  Hearing other people’s stories was very emotional.  Emotions are good but finding a balance is key.  As we all know, we aren’t always going to get along with everyone.  This is perfectly fine.  Surrounding yourself around those who are going to help you grow your 7 F’s will help you become a better you which will help you achieve your goals and dreams you have for yourself.


I was reminded that I am destined for greatness and I know it’s shown when I am helping others.  I have worn many hats throughout my career.  When you really break it down, I have always helped others.  My passion is seeing others succeed and accomplish their goals.  I was reminded this is so important to me and worth my time and energy to see my goals and dreams come to life.

I realized during this event that I really need to take at least 2 days out each year to plan my goals and dreams for the following year.  Most importantly, it is perfectly fine to do so.  Taking this time out for me will only help me be the BEST me possible.

If you ever hear that the Oola bus will be coming through your area, make sure you go and meet these guys.  Better yet, join me in Vegas next year at OolaPalooza.  If that’s not in your deck of cards, check out their website and find your Oola!