My oily reflection

November 15, 2016 Comments Off on My oily reflection

Last night my husband and I were talking about our life before we introduced oils into our daily life.

Our life involved lots of tissues around the house due to sinus infection after sinus infection, mainly me.  I was miserable always being sick with either a sinus infection or something worse.  I considered myself to be a pretty healthy person who worked out and watched what I ate.  I considered our house to be clean as I used store bought cleaning products to clean the germs to provide a germ free environment.  Even though our home was clean and I was living a healthy life, I was still sick.  I ended up seeing an allergist to see if they would be able to help me live a healthier life.  Now looking back I wish I had looked into oils before seeing an allergist.  I was given 3 medications to help me live a healthier life on a day to day basis to help eliminate sinus infections.  Think about it for a moment, 3 medications to stay healthy…..does that seem right?  I still got sinus infections however, they were not as often as they were prior to taking the medication.  No matter what state I lived in, I was sick.  It was rather frustrating that I would feel great one day and be knocked down with a sinus infection the next.

The last time I was sick was after we moved to Ohio.  My husband ended up driving me to urgent care as I wasn’t feeling good at all.  I ended up leaving being diagnosed with acute bronchitis and pneumonia.  I was done being sick.  I wanted to live a happy and healthy life.  This last time I started during some research on oils as I would see people mention them on Facebook.  I saw my friend, Angie, post about Young Living Essential Oils.  I valued Angie’s judgement however, I wanted to make sure I did my own research on how oils would be an added benefit in our daily life.  img_2474-2I looked at the cost of the premium starter kit and thought about it.  It was going to be an investment into our health and I had to think was it worth it.  I am happy to say, our health is so worth it!  I took the plunge and ordered a premium starter kit.  That was over 2 years ago.  I am happy to say since I have been supporting my immune system with essential oils I haven’t been sick at all.  I feel great and do not live in a fog.  Kleenex boxes last us months instead of a week.  The best part this investment provided a diffuser, oils, a private website full of information, and a community Facebook page who supports one another.  Click here to order your Premium Starter Kit.

I am happy to say our life is healthier now than it was several years ago.  I have switched from using chemical products to clean our home to healthier and safer options that still kill germs and clean effectively, and honestly even better than store bought products loaded with chemicals.  Our house never gives off a strong chemical scent.  It is now filled with wonderful aromas filled with healthy benefits.  We have switched our daily hygiene products to chemical free ones too.  Once I started digging into everything we have been exposing ourselves to I knew we wouldn’t be able to change over night however, we could continue to slowly switch things out once we ran out of the current products we were using.  I now have a stronger sense of what are in products and have embraced DIY projects.  I love how I now control what goes into each product.  For me, the icing on the cake is my husband supports this healthy lifestyle.  We will be having a conversation and he now brings up oils and how I might be able to create something similar to a product he is currently using with essential oils.  Our bathroom is filled with safe and effective Young Living products from the shower to the countertop.  Some products I have made using essential oils and others are products Young Living creates.

I am so happy I saw my friend, Angie,  post about Young Living Essential Oils.  It has been a wonderful journey that keeps on giving.  Our oily life saves us money! Yes, you read that right, we are saving money versus the store bought products.  No more Urgent Care visits due to being sick.  Our monthly healthy box is delivered each month full of Young Living products I picked out that will help us maintain our healthy lifestyle.  My oily reflection confirms how amazing Young Living essential oils are and how I made the best decision to start this journey over a couple of years ago.

November 23, 2016