Mountain Bike Crash

May 30, 2017 0 Comments

My husband is an active cyclist.  Just recently he put in 500 miles in the saddle while maintaining a full time job.  Yes, this means we don’t get to see each other a lot however, I much rather have a happy husband than a unhappy one.  Getting out on the bike is something he has been doing long before we have met.  It is something that challenges him while providing a great workout.  Road or mountain he enjoys them both.

This past weekend I called him when I was heading home from work.  I wasn’t expecting him to pick up since I knew he went mountain biking and thought he may have been still riding.  To my surprise he answered my phone call.  Unfortunately, he hit a tree root while riding that sent him flying over his handlebars and landing on his shoulder and leaving him scratched up down his side.  I immediately got tears in my eyes while talking to him.  It’s scary to think how fast life can change for anyone at a split second.  Most importantly he said he was fine, just a little banged up from landing on hard dirt.

As our conversation went on he told me after he took a shower he grabbed the owie roll-on and applied it down his side and shoulder.  This.  This made me love my husband even more.  Without me even asking or suggesting, he reached for the owie roll-on and applied it.  This means he has seen a difference when he has applied it in the past.  This also means he embraces the chemical free lifestyle even when I am not around.  This is HUGE!  Insert a huge smile.  Just incase you are curious, if something major happens to either one of us we go to the doctors.  We are not opposed to doctors.  We just don’t like all the toxins that are found in over the counter products.  This also covers prescription products.

Young Living Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream

I am thankful that I have a owie roll-on all ready to use when the time is needed.  I am also happy I have Young Living’s Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream.  I ordered it in one of my monthly Essential Rewards orders.  Let’s face it, we never know when we are going to need something.

I am happy that the person I love more than anything loves the life I have created by replacing chemical landed products with safer and healthier alternatives.  This is a man who doesn’t cook, clean, or do the yard work.  This is a man who provides for me and trusts me when it comes to our health.  He is also the man if he didn’t see a difference he wouldn’t support my decision just because I believed in what I was doing was the right thing.  This speaks volumes.  I already knew using products without all the chemicals does just as good of a job as the products that are landed with chemicals, sometimes even better.  This means he also sees how amazing this lifestyle is and doesn’t miss the products that are full of chemicals.

If you don’t have a pocket reference guide for essential oils I recommend ordering yourself one.  This is the one I recommend.  I use this guide whenever I need help deciding what oil to use.  This is also the guide that helped me come up with the perfect blend for my owie roll-on.