May’s Young Living Essential Rewards Box

May 29, 2017 0 Comments

Young Living Essential Rewards Box

It never gets old seeing a Young Living box at my front door.  Even though I already know what is in the box I still get excited when I open it up.

Essential Rewards Order

Ningxia Red is a staple in my house.  My husband and I drink 2oz every single day.  The benefits are amazing.  Ningxia Red can help prevent oxidative stress, support eye health, and provide energy throughout the day.  In this month’s box I got two bottles to ensure we don’t run out before next month’s order.

Ningxia Red Nitro is another staple.  Instead of reaching for a sugary energy drink I take Nitro when I need a midday boost.  It is also perfect to take before a run or any workout.  It’s great support for body and mind wellness which is key when working out.

When I started removing chemicals in my home beauty products were high on my list.  I have been slowly swapping out my previous toxic products for a safer and healthier alternative.  Sheerlume is a new product to me.  It helps to balance the skin tone.  You can apply it under your favorite moisturizer.  I am excited to add this product to my daily routine and see how it can help me bring my best face forward everyday.

I have been using Art Light Moisturizer for over a year.  It is the perfect moisturizer to help my skin retain proper hydration without making me look oily.  This replacement came at the right moment as I just scrapped the last bit out of my current bottle.  I will warn you, it doesn’t smell the greatest however, it is safe and works.

I am a huge fan of roll-on bottles.  Young Living has 5 roll-on bottles that I love incorporating in my daily routine.  I love them so much I always have to have a back up.  I use the Breathe Again roll-on during my nightly routine.  I carry my Stress Away roll-on where ever I go.  It helps me get through any situation.  Did I mention it smells amazing?  If you haven’t tried it, you are missing out.

After I down loaded the Think Dirty app I started scanning my daily cleaning products.  I found out the Mrs. Meyers dish soap that I was using wasn’t as clean as I thought it was.  Think about it for a second, would you want to eat food off of dishes landed with toxic chemicals?  Ya, me neither.  This is why I switched and started using Thieves Dish Soap.  It is normal with a cleaner version to not see as many bubbles as those landed with toxic chemicals.  When I fill up the sink I add a squirt and swirl my hand around in the sink to get the suds going.  Just a little tip for you if you want more suds this will help.

Every month I earn FREE products just for placing my monthly order.  This month I received Jade Lemon, Citronella, Manuka, Ravinstara, Orange Vitality, and AgilEase for free.  I can’t wait to mix Jade Lemon and Citronella to create a citrus-scented outdoor spray.  Perfect for this time of year when I am outside more.  Manuka helps reduce the appearance of blemishes.  I have a roll-on bottle on my bathroom countertop to apply when I see needed.  Ravinstara is the perfect essential oil to diffuse during meditation.  I need to incorporate this a little more.  I add Orange Vitality to my water to help me consume water throughout the day.  AgilEase is the perfect supplement to reach for when joint support is needed.  I’ve had knee and back surgery and take this when needed.

As you can see my Essential Rewards box is more than just oils.  The oils that I received this month were all FREE.  Essential Rewards has made growing my essential oil collection easy since each month I receive oils for FREE.

If you are interested in removing chemicals from your home and don’t have a Premium Starter Kit, I’d love to have you in our group!