Love what you do

January 11, 2017 Comments Off on Love what you do

Do what you love love what you do.  How many times have you done something and haven’t loved what you did?  I’m guilty.  I am trying very hard to live by this saying.

I am happy to say I love what I do.  I teach Pure Barre classes.  If you haven’t taken a class, find a studio and take a class.  I love watching people take their practice to the next level while challenging themselves.  I absolutely love seeing the results from their  commitment to a healthier lifestyle.  Everyone is different and when you are in class it’s your 55 minutes to push yourself.  I am honored I get to be apart of so many peoples lives through teaching Pure Barre.

On top of teaching Pure Barre I am a lifestyle coach.  I coach people online to a healthier lifestyle.  I am entrusted to follow along their diary on what they have ate throughout the day as well as provide feedback.  In addition to following along their diary I also make up personal workout plans for them to do each week.  I love receiving feedback from my clients on when they rocked a workout or had an amazing day overall.  I am also an ear for them to vent about whatever is going on in their life.  We all need a support system and I happen to be the support system for my clients.  I consider myself their cheerleader.  I believe in each of them and want them to succeed and rock a happy and healthy lifestyle.

In addition to a lifestyle coach I am also an oiler.  I am all in on a healthy lifestyle.  Well more like 80/20.  I am getting a little closer to 90/10 and hopefully someday 100% clean and chemical free.  It is a process.  I love reading information about oils and making roll-ons for my personal use.  I have embraced DIY projects that include my oils.  Most importantly I love answering questions people have regarding oils.  I had questions when I started looking into them and without someone answering those questions I may have never gotten into one of the best things that has happened to me.  Getting into oils is what led me into Essentially Amy Lynn. So thankful for this little outlet in my life where I can open up about my life and what is going on.  My hope is that at least one person can take away something from each blog post.  If this happens, then all of my hard work is worth it.

What I love the most in my life is a title I was given June 21, 2008.  I became a Mrs.  I love being a wife.  I love learning from my other half, my best friend.  I get frustrated when I can’t be the picture perfect cookie cutter wife however, I know my husband wouldn’t want me to be that.  I always look at ways to improve myself that will continue to grow our relationship.

In life we may not love everything we do however, if you love the outcome then it was worth it.  I do not like cleaning toilets however, I love having a clean bathroom.  To me it’s worth it, even if I dread cleaning my bathroom.  I make sure when I clean it I do a job that I am proud of.  I have learned in life if I am not proud of my work then I can’t expect others to be proud of my job.  Love shines through and others will notice when YOU love what you do and you are doing what you love.


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