Looking back at 2016

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How is 2016 almost over?!  With the year almost over this means I’m another year older.  Yikes!  I can honestly say 2016 was a year of change.  Change is something I have learned to welcome even when I don’t want to.  I have learned it is ok to be scared, nervous, excited, overwhelmed, and more when change is involved.  Change brings out a lot of emotions for me.  Sometimes my face will tell you everything I am feeling and thinking while other times I hold it all in.

My husband accepted a new job offer in January which meant another move was in our future to another state.  This was the first time we were going to have to sell a house while getting everything ready to move.  On the positive side, this move was a full move, meaning I didn’t have to lift or pack a thing.  I did box up all of our china in our original boxes along with any other kitchen item that I still had the box for.  I had one goal in mind which was to get our house show ready.  I read blogs on what I should do.  It worked!!  We listed our house in the middle of January with over a foot of snow on the ground and sold it in 3 days!!  This was a huge relief that we wouldn’t be looking at paying a mortgage and rent for multiple months.

My husband and I flew out first thing on a Friday from Cleveland to find a new place to call home in Dallas.  We have never experienced anything like we did.  Everything we called on was either just rented or was something we wouldn’t want to rent.  We were beyond frusterated and exhausted from seeing place after place.  Not knowing the area didn’t help on top of being on a time crunch on finding something before we flew back didn’t help at all.  Thankfully, we ended up finding something that would work that was close to where my husband would be working.

During this time frame I also had to give my notice to my employer and participants who were enrolled in my classes.  This was hard.  Saying good bye is never easy and not having the answers they were looking for was even harder.  I love teaching classes and coaching people to achieve their goals and I was having to say good bye to this as I headed into an unknown direction.  Scary!

The one thing I did know was I wanted to continue teaching barre classes.  I wanted to continue my passion for barre in our new city.  I knew I wanted to teach at Pure Barre as I have taken several classes previously and own several DVD’s and was hooked with the method.  After we settled into our new home this was going to be something I look into.

In February, we got our cars packed after the movers came and headed off to Tennessee to stay a couple of nights at my parents before we continued onto Texas.   Typically, Valentines Day is remembered for love.  This past Valentines Day was the day the movers showed up with our stuff.  After sleeping on an air mattress with 2 dogs Valentines Day was a perfect day for them to come.  I didn’t need chocolate or flowers, I needed our bed!  My husband started his job and my job was to unpack and organize our house.

A trip to the emergency room is the way March started off.  I was walking and fell and dislocated my elbow.  Worst pain ever!  As I was falling I put my hand out to brace my fall.  My elbow took the brunt of the fall and it rocked my world.  When the x-ray technician went to take the x-rays I balled my eyes out.  He was trying to be kind however, the positions were painful.  This fall put me back on finding a job.  I ended up having to see a orthopedic surgeon as my elbow wasn’t healing like I hoped it would.  A couple shots of cortisone did the job to get my elbow heading the right direction.

During this time I decided I wanted to create a blog that I could share everything that is apart of my life.  It’s no secret, I love my essential oils.  It’s a lifestyle that I have embraced and love sharing with others.  I also wanted to be able to share about my struggles with infertility.  This journey has lead me into a organic lifestyle, and for that I am thankful.  My posts about infertility helps me release what I am feeling.  Fitness has always been a huge part of my life.  It is a connection that my family shares, including our dogs.  Little did I know that setting up a blog would be a lot of work!!  First of all, I am extremely proud of myself for setting it up and when I needed help reaching out to those who I thought could help me.  I wouldn’t consider myself tech savvy at all however, I knew my heart was leading me to something I wanted to do and share.  After watching video’s, subscribing to classes, reaching out to people, Essentially Amy Lynn was created.

Essentially Amy Lynn was all mine!  I have learned so much in a short amount of time.  Blogging is harder than what it looks like.  It takes time to gather your thoughts and post.  I knew it wasn’t going to be easy however, I didn’t honestly think about the time I would have to put in to make my Essentially Amy Lynn blog a success.

Staying at home was great however, I was missing the social aspect of getting out and talking with people.  I was strictly communicating with people through the web which is great however, I needed action besides my daily Starbucks barista’s.  And yes, you read that right, daily.  My elbow was much better and I was finally able to hold a gallon of water in that hand.  That gives you an indication on who bad it was.  I reached out to the nearest Pure Barre studio and introduced myself as well as enclosed my resume for further review.  After a few email exchanges, a phone and in person interview I got the job!  I was on my way to becoming a Pure Barre instructor.  I was going to become an instructor at a studio teaching what I love, Barre.

I started my job at Pure Barre in August working the front desk.  This provided me with the opportunity to get to know the clients before I became an instructor.  Thankfully I got a job when I did as my brother-in-law was getting married and we needed to find someone to watch our dogs.  Leaving them is one thing, finding someone who you trust to take care of our babies is another thing.  I entrusted a co-worker with the honor of watching our fur babies.  We jetted off to Minnesota for the wedding.  I should say we landed in the twin cities, rented a car, headed to Mall of America, and then started a long drive to Northern Wisconsin for the wedding.  My husband knows, if we are going to Minnesota we have to go to Mall of America.  Even though I don’t go there often I know where we should park to get in and out.  I have been going to Mall of America since the 8th grade!  My friend and I went there on spring break and I have been hooked ever since.  It was a short trip but worth being there for the wedding.

In September I flew out to Denver to get trained to become an amazing Pure Barre instructor.  I met some wonderful women during my training weekend.  This process brings a lot of emotions out as you want to be the best instructor you can be.  I am so happy I passed and have been teaching Pure Barre since.

With teaching Pure Barre my blog has suffered a little.  I haven’t made the time to blog as what I originally thought I would.  Having an inconsistent schedule makes things a little challenging however, we have made it work.

It’s hard to believe Christmas is a week away and it is in the 70’s today.  Tomorrow’s weather is a totally different story.  Thinking back on 2016 I am happy on what I have accomplished and look to improve things in 2017.  Don’t worry I will share in a new post what I have planned for 2017!  You won’t want to miss it!!!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

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