June Essential Rewards Order

June 15, 2016 Comments Off on June Essential Rewards Order

Essential Rewards is Young Living’s autoship program that I participate in every month and love.  If you’ve gotten to the point where you need to replenish a few of your oils (or are otherwise wanting to order again!), Young Living’s Essential Rewards program is for you! You may know all of this already, but in a nutshell Young Living’s Essential Rewards program is not required, but it does have some great benefits:

1. Less expensive shipping
2. Earn product credits on all your ER orders – 10% months 1-6, 15% months 6-12, and 20% months 13+. I’ve gotten lots of free product this way.
3. Some ER kits are available that are not in the regular catalog, at even more discounted rates (the Thieves ER kit is an example)

You can change your order every month (and should, depending on what you need!), it just needs to be changed by midnight on your ER date. So for instance, my date is the 11th, so I always make sure my order looks how I want by midnight on the 11th of each month.

You can cancel ER at any time, but you do need to call in/live chat to cancel. Simply emptying out the items in the ER order WILL NOT cancel your autoship! They will just send you what you ordered the previous month!

This month I stuck to the basics that I use daily with the exception of 2 oils.

IMG_1946Lavender is one of the oils I can’t live without and is in almost every monthly order.  I love the smell of Lavender on my wool balls that I toss in the dryer instead of using dryer sheets.  My clothes come out smelling good as well as so soft.  Lavender is also apart of my nightly routine.

Breathe Again Roll-On is another oil that is apart of my nightly routine.  I apply this roll-on on my chest and neck before I go to bed every night.  I like to have a back up of this roll-on at all times so I am never without it.

Deep Relief Roll-On provides a refreshing and cooling sensation to my sore & tired muscles after my workout.  It is also perfect to keep in my gym bag incase I need a quick pick me-up during my workout.

Purification is diffused daily in our home. It’s my way to prevent feeling embarrassed for any bad odors that may be in our house from laundry, cooking, our dogs, or anything else that may give  off an odor.  I also have a spray bottle diluted with distilled water that I use to refresh our linens with.

I recently switched from using Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo to Lavender Volume Shampoo.  I was skeptical at first since I have been using Aveda products forever, however it’s been a nice change.  It’s now a staple I get in my order every month.

Carrot Seed and Lady Sclareol are the 2 oils I have never tried however, I am excited to add them to my collection.

This month I received 3 free oils because I hit the 190PV promotion.  IMG_1945Joy, AromaEase and Abundance were 100% free!  I am excited to try Abundance as it’s an oil I haven’t tried yet.  I have Joy and love it.  I wear it as a perfume combined with Tangerine as well as diffuse it in the morning to set the mood for the day.  AromaEase is a great oil to diffuse due to it’s cool minty aroma which provides a calming sense.

Now it’s time to start thinking about what I will add to July’s order.