January’s Young Living 2018 Order

January 29, 2018 0 Comments

Essential Rewards Order

Another month and another Young Living Essential Rewards order.  Woohoo!!!  As you are aware, health and wellness is always on my mind but it tends to be thought about more often during the winter months.  Maybe the news and social media plays a factor.  Seeing and hearing what seems like everyone around me is sick makes me want to do everything I can to stay healthy.

This month was more about replenishing some of our staples we use everyday.  NingXia Red is apart of our morning routine.  I love the clean energy it provides me.  My husband has replaced 5 hour energy drinks with NingXia nitro.  I often reach for these little tubes before I workout or when I am feeling the afternoon slump hit.

I have switched from using the yucky toxic filled laundry soap found at your local box store to using Thieves Laundry Soap.  I made this change the moment it was released at convention a couple years ago. Making this small change helped me eliminate so many toxic chemicals we were breathing in as well as wearing every single day.  This is HUGE!  A little goes a long way when you are using it.  I maybe purchase it 3 times a year.

Thieves Fresh Mouthwash was another swap we made over two years ago.  I’ll be honest, the taste isn’t the greatest however, it does the job without all the yuck.

It’s no secret, we enjoy working out.  This does put a lot of stress on our bodies which is why we make sure we have AminoWise, PowerGize and Peppermint Essential Oil every single month.  AminoWise enhances muscle recovery during and after exercise.  The wolfberry lemonade flavor is delicious!  PowerGize is the perfect supplement to take before your workout as it sustains energy, boosts stamina, and increases strength.  If you have a long and hard workout planned you will want to make sure you take this.  We both apply peppermint to our muscles for the cooling effect.  We keep a bottle in the bathroom which makes it easy to apply right after we get out of the shower.  Let’s face it, connivence is key to making sure you are taking care of you.

Part of my nightly routine consists of Wolfberry Eye Cream and Tranquil Roll-On.  The Wolfberry Eye Cream lasts me close to a year.  It helps that it requires a tiny amount and I only use it at night.  I apply the Tranquil Roll-On on my writs right before I get in bed.  We have a sleep number bed and I have noticed when I forget this step I have a more restless night.  I now keep it on my night stand in a bowl with other nightly oils.

Now onto the FREE stuff.  With my monthly order I earned some awesome Freebies.  Some of them we use on a daily, weekly, monthly basis so it helps when we receive these items for FREE.  PanAway, Copaiba, Spearmint Vitality, and Deep Relief Essential Oils are some of our favorites.  Super Cal Plus is new to us.

Not a current member?

No worries, I’d love if you enroll here with me. I will personally send you a gift in the mail to help you along your oily journey.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  I am happy to help!  You can email me at essentiallyamylynn@gmail.com