Holiday season

November 23, 2016 0 Comments

Yes, it’s that time of year that is filled with holiday cheer from radio stations playing Christmas songs to Christmas lights on your house.  Of course when I was younger this time of the year was magical.  My mom would have her ceramic village displayed that she made while taking ceramic classes.  Each room in the house would remind you what time of year it was.  This was also the time of year I would circle in the Sears catalog what I wanted for Christmas.  Santa always received a nice list of things I wanted.

Fast forward to present time and the magic of the holiday has seemed to disappear.  I used to get excited to decorate for Christmas and now it seems like an added chore I don’t want to do.  I have only been able to put up my sweet tree this year as well as last year.  I often wonder if 2014 was the last year to have all my decorations out and having both trees decorated.  This was also the year we were pregnant and had presents under the tree for Baby S.  I haven’t been able to put up that tree since.  It honestly feels like the holiday cheer has left and may never come back.

I will never forget receiving a phone call from my OBGYN on Christmas Eve to let me know my blood levels have dropped and to make sure I have someone with me on my next appointment which was the 29th.  My excitement for the holiday season crashed once the phone call ended.  More than anything my dreams of seeing Christmas through a child, my own, ended.  It’s hard not to remember or think about it as Christmas is approaching.

I am a believer that keeping your emotions and feelings inside isn’t the best.  I let myself cry when I need to.  I am ok with having containers after containers movers will keep moving to the next state in hopes I may open them and put out our decorations again.  Don’t worry, I still have some hope however, I don’t need or want to be reminded what we lost.  We had to say goodbye to our baby.  I will never forget what I went through.

As you are gearing up for the holiday season I ask one thing, be mindful of those around you.  During this holiday season there are plenty of couples who are grieving for a family they may never have.  They are grieving they will never be able to take a picture of Santa with their little one.  They are grieving they are not able to share their holiday stories with their children.  They are grieving they aren’t able to leave out cookies and milk for Santa.  They are hurt this wonderful time of the year is tarnished.  They are frustrated they feel this way.  More than anything, they want to feel normal and apart of the holiday season.

I encourage you to think long and hard before you say something to a childless couple especially if you have a family.  It’s one thing if you have experienced a struggle and shared this with them prior to the holiday season.  They will appreciate the kind and thoughtful words you have to share.  A simple “thinking of you during this holiday season” is perfect.  It’s a struggle for them, please don’t add to it.

fullsizerender-2I made sure I had plenty of Stress Away and Christmas Spirit as I knew it was going to be an emotional holiday season.  I wear Stress Away on my wrists and diffuse Christmas Spirit.  It is honestly one of my favorite essential oil blends that fills the house with a joyful aroma.  If you haven’t smelled Christmas Spirit, you are missing out.  You will find yourself diffusing this blend throughout the entire year.  And let’s face it, the holiday season is stressful for everyone.  Stress Away is a must have for all!