February Health Box

February 26, 2017 Comments Off on February Health Box

Have you seen various subscriptions to monthly boxes?  It seems like they have all areas covered from dog boxes, make-up, books, toys, food, and more.  I receive a health box from Young Living every month.  Best part of this box is I get to pick what items I want to show up at my front door each month.  This feature is unlike other box subscriptions.  This guarantees that I will use and enjoy everything I receive.

A few years back I signed up to receive a health box for 3 months through a different company.  I was so disappointed month after month on the products I received.  Nothing like spending money on something I am not going to use.  It did show me there are various brands out there that I never heard of however, the ingredients in some of these products I didn’t feel comfortable using.  I am kinda a nerd when it comes to ingredients of products I consume or use.  This was my first and last experience with a box subscription that I don’t get to control what I receive month after month.

I was really excited to have my monthly health box show up yesterday after my 8.5 mile run.  Below is a short video of going through what I received.  This video will show you my monthly essential rewards order is more than just essential oils.  I order household items that we use on a day to day basis.

Every room in the house was covered in this months health box.  I am already looking forward to picking out what products I will receive in March.  This picture shows all the items that I received in this months box including the free oils.  Not shown is the 40PV points I received for placing a 300PV order.  I save my points and use them when and item has been out of stock and comes back in stock.  It’s always nice that I am able to order items for FREE.  The only thing I have to do is cover shipping.  After breaking down everything, using essential oils and products from Young Living saves my family money.  Healthier options saving money….who would have thought that?

The best way to get started on a chemical free lifestyle is by purchasing a Premium Starter Kit.  It provides you with a diffuser and 11 essential oils plus some other goodies.  Hopefully this video shows you that Young Living is more than just essential oils.  Your monthly health box is composed of whatever you are wanting it to be.  Mine changes every single month which I love.

March 1, 2017