Tackling Fear

August 16, 2016 Comments Off on Tackling Fear

I have found FEAR stands in the way in succeeding.  The fear of not preforming how I envisioned I would.  The fear of letting others down.  The fear of getting hurt.  Fear of succeeding. Fear of failing.  The list can go on and on.  Before I even start I have already mentally set myself up to fail.

I used to be the person who would get frustrated with myself if I didn’t perform up to my expectations during a workout.  Saying I had a horrible run or I don’t even know why I even bothered with that workout, were all common things I would say.  I now listen to my body on why I didn’t perform up to my expectations.  What is my body telling me?  By listening to my body it has helped me prepare for my workouts on knowing how my body functions during different circumstances.

Letting go of the fear and trusting my body has helped me accomplish things I didn’t think I would be able to do. I have set fitness goals that has motivated me to get out of bed and move.  I give myself ample amount of pep talks or journal my thoughts on what I am experiencing and going through.  This helps me stay on track and focused and not let fear take over my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have fear however I have found different ways to channel fear so it will not effect me.  I started journaling to let out everything that is going on in my day to day life.  There are some weeks where I never pick up my journal.  Other weeks I write in it everyday.

I have learned to embrace my feelings and that it’s normal not to always be happy.  I will admit, my oils have helped in this area of my life.  Instead of saying, there’s an app for that, I now say, there’s an oil for that.

FullSizeRenderStress Away essential oil has been my go to oil when fear is coming on.  For me, fear brings on stress which takes a toll on my body.  I simply grab my Stess Away roll on and apply it to my wrists and enjoy the uplifting fragrance it gives off.  When I am at home I diffuse Stress Away with Lemon, it creates a fun diffusion blend that smells similar to lemon meringue pie!

As you can see by the picture, I make sure I never run out of Stress Away.

One thing I do know, the mind is a beautiful thing.  If I channel positive thoughts it helps me achieve things I have set out to accomplish and get over the fear that is holding me back.  Thinking positively keeps me moving toward the goal(s) I have set.

I’m lucky enough to be married to a career driven man.  He likes to continue moving up on his career path which means we move often.  Interviews don’t bother him at all which works out in his favor.  He goes into each one thinking he already has the job.  This mindset helps him stay confident and not let fear set in.

I on the other hand, tend to let fear hangout in the back.  I have to remind myself all the things I have accomplished.  Not everyone is able to pick up and move every few years to an area where they know no one.  Picture being the new kid in high school over and over again.  It’s not always a pretty picture.  Some moves have been easier than others.  I continue to push my fear of change to the back and look toward the future.

Finding ways to handle fear will help you achieve wonderful things in your life.  It may not always be easy however, the reward is worth every bit of it.  Take the plunge and sign up for a class that you have been wanting to however, you haven’t yet.  Embrace your body and trust it won’t fail you and push to new limits.  The smile on your face will say everything.  Think about what you are fearing and conquer it step by step.

August 9, 2016