Dragon Time

January 12, 2017 Comments Off on Dragon Time

Ugh!  I realize having a monthly cycle is apart of being a woman but why does it have to suck so much?  I have come along way on knowing my body and what it is going on during this time of month.  I now honor and respect my body on the first day of my cycle and try not to work out.  My acupuncturist guided me into this direction.  She reminded me what my body goes through during this time and working out on the first day only adds to everything.  Who needs to add to all of that?  I know I certainly don’t.

Before my cycle started this time I got my hopes up that I could be pregnant again.  Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and my cycle started on day 26.  I have a long list of dates that indicate the first day of my monthly cycle.  It’s one of the first things asked when you go to the doctor so I make it easier for myself and keep it stored in a note on my phone.  It was a 50/50chance that I could be.  It was the first time since my miscarriage that I thought this could be it.  I normally don’t get emotional when I start my cycle however, this time I had a deep pit in my stomach.  It was more heartache and sadness than anything.  I dislike when I feel like this.  I know it’s only normal however, I would much rather be happy than sad.  I guess this reaffirms I am human and can’t control everything that happens to me.  I wish I could but we both know that’s not realistic.    

Two months ago in my monthly health box (Young Living ER box) I received Dragon Time essential oil.  Dragon Time is a proprietary blend of Fennel, Clary Sage, Marjoram, Lavender, Blue Yarrow, and Jasmine essential oils.  Its sweet, herbaceous aroma can help promote feelings of stability and calm during cycles of moodiness.  Can we say monthly cycle!?  I have been applying it topically to my abdomen to create a gentle aroma.  You can also diffuse it or inhale it directly.  It’s helped me find my balance during this time of month.  No need to suffer and feel off when you can use something natural and chemical free.

Last month while at Target looking for my monthly supplies I saw they are now carrying organic options.  I love seeing more and more chemical free options at Target.  As I was looking at the options one of the things that jumped out to me was the price.  It’s a similar price point as the brands I have bought in the past.  I ended up buying chlorine free ultra thin pads that I love.  Seriously, these are the best pads I have ever used.  I also picked up organic cotton tampons that have done the job.  I will continue using the healthier option during my monthly cycle instead of the brands I have bought in the past.

All these little steps that I continue to take to living a chemical free life all adds up.  When I first started making changes I never even thought about pads and tampons on items I would need to switch out.  After reading more I am so glad I made this switch even if it was last month.  Hey, better late than never, right?!