Down an inch

February 13, 2017 Comments Off on Down an inch

It all started with a little saying, down an inch up an inch.

Let’s back up a little bit.  I remember describing to my husband what I thought barre was based on what I gathered off the internet.  At this point in my life I recently completed a half Ironman.  In my mind I could handle anything since I tackled 70.3 miles.  Boy was I wrong!

After reading up on different forms of barre I decided to give Pure Barre a try and bought the new client special.  I scheduled my first class and was excited to find out what all the talk was about.  I arrived to the studio 20 minutes ahead of class.  The person at the desk was warm and inviting and went over some key words I needed to be aware of before I took class.  I purchased a pair of sticky socks and headed into the studio.  I found a spot in the back of a long and narrow room.  I watched every single person come into the studio and was impressed with the wide age range of participants.

Our instructor walked into the studio and and started class on time.  This started my workout on the right foot as I am a huge on time person.  Right away I got my heart rate up and was working up a sweat.  In the first 15 minutes my abs were already feeling the workout.  What in the world did I pay to do?!  We headed to the barre and this is when I heard for the first time down an inch up an inch.  How can an inch rock my world and my thighs?  My legs started shaking and I was struggling.  As I mentioned earlier, I recently completed a half ironman.  How are my legs failing me now?  Right at this moment is when I heard the instructor tell me good job.  How did she know my name?  I’m brand new in her class.  This made me push myself a little harder.  As the class continued my body continued to react to each move the instructor had me go into.   I was relieved I survived my first Pure Barre class.

I walked out of the studio and headed to my car and called my husband right away.  I got a little emotional because I thought in my mind that I was in pretty good shape.  I taught group exercise, pilates, and spinning classes on top of training for my own personal goals.  My husband had to remind me I tried something new.  I knew this however it didn’t register with me right away how different this was compared to what I have been doing.  It rocked my world and I wanted more.

At this point I was driving a good 40 minutes to the studio.  I would leave my house an hour before class started to make sure I would make it to the class on time.  It wasn’t an ideal situation however, I fell in love with barre.  Shortly after I saw a training to become a barre instructor.  It wasn’t pure barre however, I wanted to learn more about this experience.  I registered and was ready to add another certification to my list.  I went through the training and was certified to teach barre.

I was excited I was able to offer barre at the local YMCA.  Since it was a new program I had to prove that members wanted to participate in this form of activity.  I started off with 1 class and grew it to 6 classes in a short amount of time.  I loved how our members embraced the shake and change their way of thinking what a good workout is.  So many times people think you have to beat your body up in order to see results.  Barre proves this way of thinking is wrong.

Fast forward a few years.  My husband accepted a new job which meant I would have to say good bye to teaching at the YMCA.  This was hard.  I worked so hard to build a great and successful program on my own.  With this new opportunity meant a new state and more barre studios.  I was excited to get back to Pure Barre since this is where I fell in love with barre.

I’m happy to say, everything worked out and I am currently a Pure Barre instructor!  I worked hard to get that title.  I love helping others reach their goals they set out to achieve.  I am a total cheerleader at heart.  Seeing individuals get a little deeper in my practice makes me smile.  It’s truly a rewarding experience as an instructor.

I often think about my first barre class.  Without the support of the teacher and the welcoming staff I could have had a total different experience.  Still to this day I shake and look forward to the stretch.  No matter how many times I lower an inch I am still able to challenge myself and continue to embrace the shake.  This workout is addicting and effective if you commit 3 to 4 days a week.

*Be on the look out for my at home barre experience.  Yes, I have a ballet barre and 20+ dvd’s from Barre 3, Barre Method, Pure Barre and more.  It will be a post you will want to check out!

February 8, 2017