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My Journey

My Journey

When Essentially Amy Lynn was created I wanted a place to share my thoughts and experiences on my life.  This included being open and honest about my journey with infertility.  I recently shared a moment with a person who mentioned she was pregnant and followed it up with and now I’m not.  My heart broke […]


As I was scrolling through Facebook I came across a post a friend of mine wrote about being blessed.  When I first read it, I understood where she was coming from however, I never noticed it.  A few weeks have passed and now I have a totally different reaction. #Blessed I am sure you have […]

Just breathe

I sometimes wish people could read my mind or remember dates and events that have impacted my life.  Unfortunately, that’s unrealistic and I have to remind myself to take a deep breath and just breathe.  My world was shaken December 24th 2014 followed by being rocked on December 29th and devastated on December 31st.  I […]