Breaking up with Starbucks

January 24, 2017 Comments Off on Breaking up with Starbucks

Did you have a chance to read Bring on 2017?  In this post I shared my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions.  Yes, I was an over achiever and have multiple New Year’s Resolutions.  When I sat down and thought about my resolutions I thought about my health.  A New Year means another year older.  As the numbers keep going up I know what I do now will only help how I will feel now as well as later on.


When I was thinking about what would be best for me in 2017 I thought about my almost daily habit, Starbucks.  I would order a wide range of drinks from a trenta iced shakin half green half passion tea with light ice no water unsweetened to a venti mocha made with coconut milk.  (If you are a Starbucks lover make sure to try using coconut milk or try the iced tea).  I tried to justify my habit in several different ways.  Starbucks made me happy and that’s what is important right?  In all reality I needed a change and I needed to break up with Starbucks.  I wasn’t looking forward to January 1st.  A part of me wondered if I should go all out on my last Starbucks order.  Don’t worry, I resisted the urge and ordered one of my normal drinks.  January 1st came and went.  I high fived my husband at the end of week one.  This was huge!  I made it a week without seeing my local barista’s and ordering a drink.  Keep in mind, I drive past Starbucks everyday as I head to work.  It would be really easy to turn right into the driveway and order.  It’s a New Year’s Resolution and I’ve broken them before and I’ve been ok.  This time is different.  I really want to follow this through.  At the end of week two I was cheering myself on.  I made it two weeks!  I wanted to scream and jump up and down for joy.  I never thought I would make it this far.  I wanted to but knew it was going to be a huge accomplishment if I followed through.  I have been officially done with Starbucks for 24 days.  To say I am proud of myself is an understatement.

Morning routine

I knew in order to be successful I would have to change up my routine.  Previously, I would leave 10 to 15 minutes early to fit Starbucks in on my way to work.  I started making tea again in the mornings.  I have over 20 different types of lose leaf tea that I have to pick from each morning.  When I started getting into tea I invested in a Breville tea maker.  Best purchase ever!  It has a basket where you put the tea and then you select what type of tea it is.  It heats up the water to the right temperature then the basket lowers in the water to steep in for the right amount of time.  This has helped with having a drink in the morning.  I would say I drink tea at least four times a week.  My life saver has been my Ningxia Red.  It’s my morning shot that is full of powerful antioxidants.  Most importantly it is healthy and it supports energy levels, normal cellular function, whole-body and normal eye health, and overall wellness.  I take two ounces with a drop of peppermint, cinnamon bark, and lime vitality oils to create a mind blaster shot.  Yum!  My husband is hooked on this too.  I actually did a Facebook live video on it.  Make sure to check it out!  Adding it to my organic orange, strawberry, mango juice is delicious too.  I can say, Starbucks never provided me with all these benefits that Ningxia Red is.

The break up

According to the movies break ups are horrible.  Who would have thought breaking up with Starbucks would actually be a nice change that I needed.  I feel I’m more in control of my life.  I know, I have always been in control but this shows me if I put my mind to something I can do it.  Best part, I have more money in my wallet.  How many times have you broke up with something or someone and have come out ahead.  Hello!  I should have done this awhile ago.  Well, maybe not.  Starbucks was perfect when I needed a place to use wifi.  It was my cheers.  It was where I felt at home.  I wouldn’t say I feel at home in TX however, I am at the point I am ok without having my security blanket.  Yup, Starbucks was more of a security blanket than anything.   This is my first break up that I am doing on my own terms.  I have learned so much about myself in this short amount of time and can’t wait to see how I continue to grow throughout this journey.  Here’s to more money in my wallet and a continued healthy lifestyle.

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