A runner’s best friend

June 2, 2016 Comments Off on A runner’s best friend

I have been hitting the pavement for as long as I can remember.  Running on sidewalks, streets, beaches, and trails of all kinds.  You name it, I have done it.  All of this impact has taken a toll on my body.  However, this hasn’t stopped me from running.

As an individual who has had knee and back surgery I am aware of the impact running does on my joints, potentially a little more than the person next door.  I have never used my surgeries as an excuse to stop running.  I have always looked for something to help me continue with the sport I have grown to love and enjoy.  I was encouraged by one of my doctors to run in a pool or on a treadmill to help with the pounding my body was enduring from running on the road.  That’s when a treadmill entered into my life.

I loved having the option to run on the treadmill or hit the pavement to get my run in.  It got a lot of use during the hot and humid months in Arkansas followed by the extremely hot summer’s in Arizona.  Depending on the distance I was planning on running, I may have played a dvd to keep me from getting board.  When I am outside, I enjoy running without music.  I like the feeling being of removed from all electronic devices and just getting my run in however, running on a treadmill staring at the same thing on the wall is boring.  There is no way around it, one mile feels like you have been on there for five.  My treadmill helped me get my workout in however, it also helped me to cheat.  When I would get tired and need a break instead of taking the speed down I would hop my feet to the side of the treadmill and let the belt keep moving which meant the treadmill was counting that as miles ran.  I realize its a small cheat however, it is still a cheat.  It didn’t help me with my pace, as it allowed me to say I ran a certain pace even though I really didn’t.  Dropping the speed and then increasing always seemed like there was a delay and unnatural feeling to it.  I needed something that was going to go my pace as if I was outside running with my Garmin.

I am a huge Garmin fan.  A few years back I sold my first Garmin which had a velcro strap and was huge!  They have come along way since my first one.  I love being able to look down at my watch to see how fast I am going as well as how far I am in my run.  My pace varies when I am running outside due to climate, route, how I am feeling, and if I have a running buddy.  If I have a running buddy, it is usually my Golden Retriever Conan.  He is simply the happiest little running buddy I could ever ask for.  We are still working on saving our energy in the first mile however, I love knowing he loves running with me.  The minute he sees my Garmin he knows what he is going to do.  From that point on, he is stuck to me like glue until we are outside burning some calories.

Running with a dog isn’t easy.  I guess I should say, running with mine isn’t always easy.  Fast right from the start, frequent pit stops to potty, distractions galore.  I have a love hate relationship when it comes to distractions.  It’s like tossing a fartlek in my run that I had no clue when, how fast, and how long it was going to happen.  Other animals and cyclist get Conan to up his speed when he sees them.  He thinks we should be able to keep up with all cyclist, no matter how many times I tell him he doesn’t understand I can’t run that fast.  I secretly enjoy being pushed when I am tired as I know it will only make me a better runner.  In the middle of the fartlek I am totally thinking something else.  All of this goes back to pace and needing something that will go my pace at any given moment.  This is when the Zero Runner came into play.

IMG_1762The Zero Runner by Octane Fitness has been everything that I could have ever asked for.  A Zero Runner is similar to a treadmill but better, as it is zero impact running.  It provides you with a smooth motion that replicates real running. Since it has Bluetooth, you can link it up to their app which provides you with feedback on your stride and form.  In a short amount of time I have improved my efficiency and speed while strengthening my muscles all injury free.  I was able to improve due to the built-in intelligence which traces your stride while you run.  I love watching my bean being traced each and every step as I run. The Zero Runner fits users of all sizes, which is great as there is a foot and some inches difference between my husband and I.  Best part for me, it goes whatever pace I am going, just like outside!  It motivates me to push myself and not drop below a certain pace.  It is simply perfect!

IMG_1763The Zero Runner can go anywhere you have room for it.  We have ours in what I think would be the dinning area, who needs one of those anyway.  It doesn’t need electricity to operate it, which is another huge bonus.  It does have digital heart rate if you want that information.  The Zero Runner isn’t only for running, you can also walk, jog, and cross train with it.

The console is set up perfectly to hold your iPad on top.  Make sure to download the app to view your personal information one step at a time.  I look forward at the end of each run to see my results pop up after I hit “end workout”.  IMG_1764It it easy to view and has ample amount of room to hold a water bottle, phone, remote, or whatever you may need during your workout.  It is also easy to clean and wipe down after each use, which I love!

IMG_1761Next time you are looking for a piece of equipment to add to your home gym look into getting a Zero Runner by Octane Fitness.  You will be able to add miles without the impact on your joints which is HUGE!