A freezer must have

May 26, 2016 Comments Off on A freezer must have

My husband will tell you I am notorious for getting hurt.  Not just a minor cut or scrap, it is usually a nice injury which requires seeing a doctor.

The latest injury occurred while walking in a mall.  Yes, I was the person you see walking then all of a sudden goes down.  Still to this day I have no idea what caused me to fall down.  All I remember is something caused me to fall.  In mid fall I extended my left palm to protect my left knee, as I have had knee surgery already and wanted to protect it from any impact.  My hand saved my knee however, left my left elbow in pain.  Right away I looked at my husband and grabbed my elbow and told him something was wrong.  He helped me up and I took a few minutes to compose myself.  Since this was our first time at this particular mall we continued walking until we got back to the entrance we came in.  The pain my elbow was giving me was telling me that I did something and it wasn’t going to go away.

We drove home and after crying throughout the afternoon my husband took me to the ER.  They took X-Ray’s of my elbow.  In order to get some good images they forced my elbow into positions it did not want to go into which caused me to ball.  Talk about some major pain.  After reviewing my X-Ray’s the doctor told me I had a severe sprain and I was to wear a sling until it feels better.  I was also given a prescription to get filled to help with the pain.  Ugh!

Thankfully I am right handed and this happened on my left elbow however, I have come to find out I use my left arm a lot.  I reached out to a friend who is a physical therapist to see if she had any suggestions on what I could do in the meantime to get my elbow to where I wanted it to be.  One of the first words was ICE!

She wasn’t referring to a bag of ice or an ice pack, she was talking about a styrofoam cup with frozen water inside.  I remember using this method before and after I had knee surgery and knew right away what she was talking about.  Thankfully we had some styrofoam cups in the pantry that I filled half way up with water and then placed in the freezer.  Once it turned into ice I pulled it out and started ripping the styrofoam away until the ice was exposed.  I then started giving myself a ice massage on my elbow.  It helped!

Recently I went to the Orthopedic Surgeon since I still don’t have full range of my left arm.  Come to find out, I am missing 20 degrees of range of motion on my left arm.  That’s pretty big!  He was happy that I was doing the styrofoam cup method, as he believes it works the best.  I ended up getting a shot of cortisone and he suggested to continue icing it as it will be sore that day.

If you don’t have a styrofoam cup, pick some up next time you are out at the store.  Unfortunately, we don’t know when something is going to happen causing us to get hurt.  It is the simplest and easy thing to prepare and is so important to have when and if you get hurt.  If you have little ones around, you really need to have some on hand.  From here on out, our freezer will always have one or two styrofoam cups just incase something happens.

IMG_1675Here is a full cup along with a cup that i have been using.  You can see how simple it is to rip the styrofoam away.  The styrofoam helps you hold the cup while massaging the injured area.