A Birthday Celebration

August 1, 2017 0 Comments

As I sit here looking at my MacBook Pro I have so much to say but don’t know where to begin.  Is that even possible?  How is it already August?  More importantly how will I survive through this month?

I occasionally look back and read my posts that I have shared regarding my infertility journey and Baby S.  As I read my post August 9th I realize this August is going to be drastically different than last years.   I found out on Sunday, July 30th that the Pure Barre studio I have been working at for the past year will be closing its doors for the last time on Friday, August 11th.  This was heart breaking news.  For me this was more than a job.  Working from home has a lot of amazing perks however, it doesn’t get me out of the house everyday.  Pure Barre did this for me.  I have been in the health and wellness industry since 2003 and this is the first time I don’t have a plan on what I am going to do.  I wasn’t expecting this at all.  Yes, we move and I find new jobs however, this time is different.  This wasn’t my choice.  This honestly freaks me out.  I poured so much into being the best Pure Barre Instructor I could be.  This journey hasn’t been easy.  Its been challenging for sure.  You can say my emotions are a little out of whack at this moment.

As most of you know,  August 9th is Baby S’s 2nd birthday.  Talk about an emotional week.  Deep breath.  I’m tearing up already thinking about it.  I honestly don’t want to feel sad but I know I am human and I am normal for feeling and experiencing these emotions.

Helping others has been a huge part of my life.  Sharing my knowledge and helping others achieve their goals makes me happy.  I am going to try my best to turn my sorrow into joy.  I have the power to impact and change other peoples lives.  Removing chemicals from our home and my life helped bring Baby S into our lives.  For this I am forever grateful.  I have continued to learn so much through my clean living journey.  It’s hard to believe this journey started 3 years ago.  I want to celebrate Baby S and the best way I know how to is sharing my passion for Young Living Essential Oils.  No matter if you are looking to support your immune system, remove toxic filled cleaning supplies, or swap your cosmetics Young Living has you covered.  Now this is where you get to help me celebrate Baby S.

Let The Party Begin!

Now – August 15th with any 250PV order you place receive FREE standard shipping.  (credit will be applied to your Young Living account)  *This is open to any member who enrolled under me.

Not a current Young Living member?  Now – August 15th purchase a Premium Starter Kit under me and receive FREE standard shipping as well as a resource bundle from me.  (credit will be applied to your Young Living account)

In order to receive your credit you must email essentiallyamylynn@gmail.com and let me know you are wanting to Celebrate Baby S with me.

In the meantime, I am going to be true to myself and let myself experience all the emotions I am going through.  In the short amount of time I have been asked “what are you going to do?” more than I can count on both hands.  The only plan I know will consist of using my oils for emotional support.  Something good will happen right?  On a side note, remember it’s perfectly fine that everyone experiences change differently.  No need to judge, just show love.

I hope you join me in #celebratebabys this month.

XO – Amy